Get in Touch With Your Artistic Side

Visit Stacey Kirk's art studio in Newaygo, MI for private or group classes

Have a great time with friends

If you want a fun and memorable night, our local art studio has a lot to offer. At Brushwork Studio, Stacey Kirk enjoys hosting events and making sure that you have a great time. Look to Brushwork Studio if you ever need a charming venue in Newaygo, MI where you can host a:

  • Party
  • Baby shower
  • Class reunion
  • Girls' night out
  • Wedding ceremony

Stacey can accommodate any group for any occasion. Contact 231-597-6027 now to reserve the space for your next social outing.

Where every detail counts

I've been in business for over six years. I have connected with the community in Newaygo, MI and created meaningful bonds with clients over the years. I treat all of my customers like family and can't wait to welcome you to my establishment.

Here, hospitality is everything. Think of me first if you're searching for the perfect event venue. I have event catering services available to provide food for your guests.

A Local Gem in Newaygo, MI

From private classes to home staging services, our art studio does it all

Want to have some fun and get in touch with your creative side? Reach out to Stacey Kirk today. The art studio in Newaygo, MI isn't just any regular sip and paint studio. Stacey Kirk, the artist, can help uncover your hidden talent through private or group classes.

Stacey can also help you stage your home with original artwork that's entirely unique. If you want to decorate your bedroom or foyer with a personalized painting, you can count on Stacey to craft the perfect piece. Stacey enjoys creating custom, commissioned art for clients.

Reach out today to learn more about her services.