Take a Local Art Class This Weekend

Stacey Kirk offers various classes in Newaygo, MI

Want to plan the next girls' night out? Come to Brushwork Studio for group art classes in Newaygo, MI. Stacey Kirk will teach you how to recreate any painting featured in her inventory. A local art class is the perfect place for your group of friends to have a great time.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, reunion or promotion, make sure you plan on doing it with Stacey. Reach out to 231-597-6027 to sign up for a class today.

Discover your new favorite pastime

Local art classes are a fun and relaxing way to let loose. Stacey Kirk, owner and studio artist, is always happy to offer 2-hour:

  • Children's art classes - $25 per person
  • Adult art classes - $35 per person
  • Private art classes - $20 per person
  • Group art classes - $35 per person (6 person minimum)
  • Sip and paint art classes - $35 per person (bring your own drinks)

Want to take an art class in Newaygo, MI and explore your creative side? Give Stacey a call today to schedule art classes.