Buy Art in Newaygo, MI Tailor-Made for You

Stacey Kirk can create any type of commissioned artwork you ask for

Want to decorate your home with authentic, custom artwork? Reach out to Stacey Kirk for commissioned artwork sales in Newaygo, MI. She takes your requests and makes them real. With custom offerings, you can embrace your own unique style and vision. Whether you want a painting of your pet or a creative sign for your business, you can count on Stacey to make it happen.

Reach out now to tell Stacey about the custom art piece that you've always wanted. She requires a 20% deposit before any work begins. Total pricing is based on the size of the piece, the time it takes to finish and the complexity of the project.

Stacey Kirk completes any piece you want

When you buy commissioned artwork from Stacey Kirk in Newaygo, MI, the sky's the limit. She can create any type of custom artwork, including:

  • Acrylic paintings
  • Oil paintings
  • Business signage
  • Pet memorial paintings

Stacey has mastered both realism and abstract painting styles. If you want to get your hands on custom artwork, call 231-597-6027 today.